Sony Pictures is making a sequel to their hit animated film Open Season. According to Variety, the project will go direct-to-DVD.

Though the film only did moderately well at the box office, Sony Pictures Animation felt that the film preformed beyond its expectations on home video. Sony Pictures Digital President Yair Landau stated, "We don't have a deep bench yet, so we're certainly looking to have more product available. We felt we had a really fun story and the marketplace wants more Open Season."

This new follow-up will revolve around Mr. Weenie, one of the original film's supporting characters. Mr. Weenie is a dachshund that escaped the clutches of his evil owner to join the rebellious forest creatures and, in turn, became a breakout star. Though Sony is currently in talks with both Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence to reprise their characters from the first outing, it is uncertain at this time if they will participate.

The film is set to go into production soon. It will be released sometime in 2009.