After making Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle together, the dynamic acting duo of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are back together for this year's logging industry drama Serena. The first trailer has arrived, which tracks George and Serena Pemberton's quest to build a timber empire in the 1920s. Watch as Serena proves herself to be better than any man as she takes over operations at the lumber mill, hunts deadly snakes, and even saves a man lost in the wilderness. Though no North American release date or distributor has been set yet, expect Serena to take part in this fall's awards race.

From director Susanne Bier,Serena marks the third time Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have teamed up on screen. Set in the North Carolina mountains at the end of the 1920s, George and Serena Pemberton, love-struck newly-weds, begin to build their timber empire. Serena soon proves herself to be equal to any man: overseeing loggers, hunting rattle-snakes, even saving a man's life in the wilderness. With power and influence now in their hands, the Pembertons refuse to let anyone stand in the way of their inflated love and ambitions. However, once Serena discovers George's hidden past and faces an unchangeable fate of her own, the Pembertons' passionate marriage begins to unravel leading toward a dramatic reckoning. Based on Ron Rash's popular novel, Serena will be in UK theaters starting October 24. We're still awaiting a stateside release date.

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