By Mushy

Hello World!!! This here is Mushy. I just did 2 days as a featured extra on the movie LADY KILLERS. What that basically means is that my name is going to be in the credits, I got paid more then double my Union rate and I got the star treatment. Unlike that other guy Cranston that writes scene reports..., I love being a background performer!!!

Anyway, Debe Waisman from DEBE WAISMAN CASTING called me to see if I would be interested in playing the role of Myron Mundt in the film Lady Killers. She told me that I would be up for the starring role in a short from the 1920s film that takes place within the movie. She told me she would fax me the scene(which rarely happens in backround work) and that I would have to meet the director. So the scene comes through and my parents get it first and they just laugh. Then they give it to me to read...

{@IMG:aQFCzLR0B6KYX3pH7g4qKMWJEw54iK|Movie [email protected]}It turns out I will be playing the character of Myron Mundt. Myron owns a sausage factory that is having financial problems. He then decides one day to use a sausage casing as a condom and what do you know..., that ends up saving Myron's company. This part had everything you could want..., physical comedy, a period look AND a sex scene.Mushy & his costumesI go up meet the director and find out that...

A) He did a movie with Keri Russel called Eight Days A Week

B) The dude from American Pie 1 & 2 who played the "Sherminator" is one of the stars of this movie as is Woody Allen's 1st wife, Louise Lasser.

{@IMG:zbiCpbCrJ6frQeKnRiqJ4RnitIwYRA|Movie [email protected]}Mushy & Frank from Project GreenlightAfter a week of waiting I get a call from Debe that the director has indeed picked me to play the role of Myron Mundt. I have won what will hopefully be the first of many roles!!! I get to the set and meet Frank the second 2nd Assistant Director. We talk for a little bit and then I ask him, "Why do you look familar to me?" He then says the magic 2 words that every filmgeek like myself has embedded in their brains.


Yes friends, he was on that HBO show working as an AD on the making of Stolen Summer . Wow!!! I have hit the big time... I am led over to my trailer where my pajamas are waiting for me. This could only mean one thing. We are filming the sex scene first. Having only been doing background work since August and never having had a role bigger then 7 lines(in a Michael Madsen movie) I am not used to leading man status. So I put on the PJ's, break out a script of mine that I am writing (it is a family

movie called The Awesome Monster Bashers) and I proceed to make good use of my down time before I am summoned to the set.

Since I am in my trailer writing they can't find me so they forget to call me to eat. This is only brought to my attention when Mrs. Mundt (the lovely Kathryn who is playing my wife) asks me if I ate. When I say "no" she tells Frank and he apologizes profusely. I eat a little bit and then it's go time..., THE SEX SCENE.

{@IMG:9yXa94V82YyJ6PNwzAsjeZojh9qKJd|Movie [email protected]}In this scene, Myron is trying out the sausage casing as a condom on his wife. They pin up my undewear so it looks like I am naked under my robe. That will not do so they put me in a skin color dance belt which is basically a thong. Other then the robe and the thong I am naked. The scene comes off without a hitch. I walk out, flash Mrs. Mundt, show her the condom and then we proceed to tear up the bed sheets. Once this is done, I am escorted everywhere by the custome people and proceed to change. We then film the scene where Myron discovers the condom in the factory. This is simple enough and after 9.5 hours I am wrapped for the day.Mushy & Mrs. Mundt

during sex sceneI come back on Tuesday, we film a few scenes in downtown LA outside Mundt's Sausage Factory and after 2 hours I am done. I have finished up my role of Myron Mundt. I was told that there would be another day the following week, but the producer tells me that the scene is long enough as is and that my services will no longer be needed. Such is Hollywood...

All things considered Lady Killers was a great experience. Everybody from the director, the prodcuer, the make-up people, the custom department, to the PA's..., EVERYONE were all top notch folks who were splendid to work with.

Cranston has no idea what his talking about!!! ~Mushy

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