The Last Samurai:Dark Horizons has 2 great new set reports as well as photos from Tom Cruise's next film The Last Samurai. CLICK HERE

Night Of The Living Dead: A scooper over Ain't It Cool recently attended a Q & A with make-up effects master, Tom Savini, at a film school in Orlando. Here's the scoop he brought back:

"Tom told us that he had heard the rumors that 20th century fox had backed Romero with $20 Million. And he told us that Fox Searchlight was backing the film. And that the budget isn't $20 million dollars. He said George is the kind of guy who walks out of meetings with studio executives, because he thinks they are just bullshit slingers. So discussions are still on going and nothing is set. So I wouldn't get hopes up yet for a big budget zombie movie. He said that originally executives wanted the movie called "Night of the Living Dead Reckoning" and Romero wouldn't have it."

Savini also commented on the fact that certain scenes from Resident Evil were ripped straight from Day Of The Dead and how the film "wasn't the answer he was looking for".

Lost Boys 2: In other horror news, Gregory Cannon talked with Sight + Sound magazine about the future of the proposed sequel:

"They've been talking about it for years, and I think it's only recently that Joel decided he'd take a back seat and just produce on it. One idea was to have the whole cast all female, another was to be a prequel, but I think the one we're going ahead with is the straight sequel. I think that's what fans would want most". Will they replace any of the old actors? "No why? How's it going to look if Corey Haim suddenly doesn't look like Corey Haim, or Feldman's not Feldman. That's who you mean isn't it?"

Thanks to DH for the scoop.

The Amazing Spider-man:Ain't It Cool News claims that the role of Dr. Octopus has been cast in the upcoming Spider-man sequel. According to AICN, Alfred Molina, known most famously for his roles in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Boogie Nights, and Dudley-Do-Right, has taken the spot as Spider-man's next super villain.

Cheech & Chong Get Blunt: Tommy Chong was recently on 970 WFLA AM TAMPA BAY yet again confirming the possibility of another Cheech & Chong film. Chong stated that the project "had to happen".

Check out Ain't It Cool for the full scoop. CLICK HERE

Psycho Again:Moviehole recently interviewed director Gus Van Sant where spilled the beans on wanting to remake Psycho AGAIN:

Would you ever remake a film again, like you did with “Psycho”?

{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}“Psycho” was great, a huge kind of grand experiment project. Very trial by fire. It met with a lot of criticism – but we managed to keep afloat, I think we broke even. But no, I wouldn’t remake another movie again, however, I’m thinking of remaking “Psycho” again. Doing a third remake. The idea this time is to really change it – we’re talking about doing a Punk rocker setting. Viggo Mortensen suggested it. He was married to Exene Cervenka and knows all the right people to get involved – all the right punk rocker etc – so he would definitely be involved if we go ahead."

Dark Blue:Latino Review has a slew of new shots from Dark Blue. CLICK HERE

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Freddy Vs. Jason: Kell Rowlands is talking about Freddy vs. Jason again...CLICK HERE

American Wedding: A scooper for Dark Horizons has sent in his spoiler filled report from the set of the 3rd American Pie film:

"It was a three day shoot at a lovely greenhouse location, it was the wedding of Jim and Michelle. The wedding goes off without a hitch, they exchange vows, and kiss. Then we filmed the reception party and there was a lot of dancing, Jim and Michelle go out onto the dance floor for their first dance, it's a lovely dance scene, then Jim motions for everyone to come out on the dance floor and join them, we all do, and there are many cuts to each of the characters discussing the newlyweds. Paul Finch also gets up and leaves the wedding at this time because he has to go and break up another wedding in order to get the woman he loves (MILF ALERT!). Also, Stifler's mom was on the set in her wedding dress and we almost went blind staring at her, she is literally busting out of her dress at the chest area. WOW!".

Gigli: A scooper over at Dark Horizons has sent in a set report from the production of next film, Gigli:

"I live on a bluff over Pacific Coast Highway that looks directly down on the section of Will Rogers State Beach where of all the re-shoots took place. I probably had one of the only views of the shoot because security was very tight with the beach closed in both directions and the bike path rerouted around the trucks. Here's what I saw: They began construction on the sets on the beach on Dec.31, by Jan. 2 they had built 3 large thatched huts on the sand. There were two medium ones and one very large one. So then the trucks arrived, you've never seen so much equipment, the cost of all that stuff and having the principal actors back must be close to $500,000 a day. Building the huts alone required several bulldozers on the beach to build a sand bank so the ocean wouldn't wash them away during high tide. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had their trailers right up against a bluff that over looked the ocean, they had one hell of a view. I watched them film now and then, I got to see Miss Lopez in a bronze/gold colored bikini (woo-hoo!) doing some scenes with Ben and a lot of extras in and around the huts. There is a scene where Ben arrives in a suit carrying a briefcase and has some younger guy with him that seems be walking like he's mentally challenged, they go up to again, bikini clad J.Lo (woo-hoo!) and do a scene which ends in Ben taking off his suit to reveal he has a bathing suit underneath. They kiss and run into the ocean together. They filmed for about three weeks and the main crew left. Although there are still a few trucks there, maybe just in case they need to go back again".