Seth Green has it made when it comes to living the dream life for any geek. Not only has he had wild success with Robot Chicken, but he has a hit comic book with Top Cow Entertainment in the form of The Freshmen, and according to MTV, the next installment of that comic may come in film form.

At Comic-Con, Green said that the third part of the story may not be a comic at all:

[Writer and co-creator] Hugh [Sterbakov] and I have talked about [volume three]...he has the whole thing mapped out. I really wanna push towards trying to exploit another medium - I really want to make a movie at this point. So we're talking about how to do that. It's always a process getting a film made, but I think this concept will really come alive on film and that's what I'm pushing for.

The Freshmen deals with the misadventures of a group of "real kids" with "real trouble" who have awkward super powers in a world without superheroes.

"Hugh and I love comics," explained Green. "We grew up reading comics, and really wanted to write something like the books we grew up reading. So it's a story about real kids with real trouble that have these kinda awkward powers in a world where there aren't superheroes. I really like it, I'm very proud of it, and the fact that we've got any attention on it - that people are reading it and reacting to it is really exciting."