Last night, Seth Rogen took a break from vase making to feast his eyes upon Boston Dynamics latest video of the astounding bounds they've made in technology, utilizing The Countour's classic 'Do You Love Me' diddy while their machines danced. And they can really move. (I've been calling them booogie-bots. That's mine. You can use it.) Seth Rogen shared his terrifying thoughts on the viral dancing robots via Twitter.

Rogen's response of, "It would actually be funny if they did they as they kill us all," is not to off the mark for many folks reactions. They look like they attended Patrick Swayze's Dirty Dancing boot-camp. "I carried a watermelon?" But as they add more robots to the mix and they begin to dance in sync, your mind immediately jumps to, wow, that perfectly-coordinated effort could be used for more than lifting Jennifer Grey into the air. Also, doing the robot will lose it's standing as easiest dance move.

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Take a scroll through the comments for a roller coaster of emotions. From the apocalyptic: "It really changes the meaning of the Boston Dynamics dancing robot video if you change the music from 'Do You Love Me?' to Iron Maidan's 'The Writing On The Wall'. Followed by, "Still traumatized by that dancing murder robot video that was circulating yesterday. Remaining in fetal position."

To more optimistic responses: "I'm imagining this tech could replace powered wheelchairs." Another states, "If escalators and bathrooms are no longer out of service for nebulous or completely illegitimate reasons and trains run on time and lights stay on, and all the other things flesh people fabricate excuses not to do... then I don't care what AI does." And finally, "I will not rest easy until i see the blooper reel."

I stopped counting all the tweets calling for Sarah Connor to get on it. I've watched it a couple times, and my take-away is I will be telling the story to anyone standing still long enough about my robot-parking ticket, and I have 'Do You Love Me' stuck in my head. Boston Dynamics has joined the Hyundai family and were welcomed in style having BTS join in the fun!

"Look, who visited our film shooting studio! BTS get a surprise visit from two special guests - Boston Dynamics' Spot and Atlas. Watch them all have fun showing off their moves in an epic dance-off. We believe that, in the not-so-distant future, robots can come into and enrich human lives. Welcome to the family, Boston Dynamics." Eric Whitman, a Boston Dynamics roboticist says. "There were a lot of challenges around getting the vision of our choreographer, who's used to dealing with human dancers, into our software.

'Everything had to be worked out in advance and scripted precisely. Robots have the advantage over humans in that they're very repeatable - once you get it right, it stays right. But they have the disadvantage that you have to tell them every little detail. They don't improvise at all." YET.