Seth Rogen spoke openly about The Green Hornet for the first time in a little while, while in Australia promoting Monsters Vs. Aliens. According to Moviehole Rogen told "The Jono & Dano Show" a few tidbits about the film, including the fact that filming will begin in June of 2009.

Rogen also said that while the film will be an origin story, it won't be one in the traditional sense. Rogen promised it'd be unlike every other superhero film out there, and will focus on the relationship between the very different Britt Reid (Green Hornet) and Kato.

According to Rogen, the Hornet (who he will play) is pretty much a normal guy, while Kato (Stephen Chow) is the one who does all the traditional superhero stuff.

The Green Hornet follows the exploits of Britt Reid, a wealthy heir to his father's newspaper franchise, The Daily Sentinel, who fights crime in the city at night, alongside his trusty martial-arts expert sidekick, Kato. Michael Gondry will direct the script co-written by Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The Green Hornet battles his way into theatres June 25, 2010.