Seth Rogen on the set of The Green Hornet

Can you give us an update on The Green Hornet and Paul? Is being Green Hornet everything you imagined? And what's it like when you hang out with the Shaun of the Dead guys?

Seth Rogen:The Green Hornet is everything I imagined and more. And the Shaun of the Dead guys, Simon and Nick, are very wonderful. Oh my God! Simon and Nick. I'm working nights; I'm on a weird schedule. Simon and Nick are lovely men and I think Paul will be a hilarious film. There you go. Something usable.

Is it a relief to finally be on the set of The Green Hornet?

Seth Rogen: It is. An enormous one; constantly. But we still have to make it awesome. So the true relief isn't there yet.

You're one of the writers, you're one of the producers, and you're in the thing. There's really no one else to credit or to blame if it's a huge hit or a flop. How much pressure is there on you and how much do you put on yourself to get it right?

Seth Rogen: A lot. I will blame Gondry if it sucks though. No, I'm just joking. No we are all in it, you know. I take a huge amount of the pressure. I understand that. I understand that. I understand that it's my face on it, you know, when it literally comes out even if, you know, even if it sucks for another reason, people will blame me and that's why I have to be so involved to try to make sure that it doesn't suck. But honestly a lot of your work is done before now. It's hiring the right people and making sure all the elements are in place. And then, you know, trusting them to do what you hired them to do. But I'm there all the time so I can make sure everything is going well. There's a lot of pressure. I understand that. I've been talking about this movie for years and if it sucks then no one will be more disappointed than me, believe me.

I've heard rumors that Edward Furlong might be in the movie?

Seth Rogen: Edward Furlong is in the movie, yes.

And what role is he playing?

Seth Rogen: That I can't reveal.

What is the reasoning behind Anvil appearing in the film, and how did that happen?

Seth Rogen: Well, as a Canadian hard rock fan I actually have known about Anvil for many, many years. And we needed a band for a scene in the movie and Gondry was like, "How about Anvil?" We asked them and they said yes.

Are you and Kevin Smith planning on making any more movies together?

Seth Rogen: We have no current plans but I truly love that man and I like hanging out with him.

Can you tell me a little bit about the untitled cancer comedy?

Seth Rogen: Yes. We've been calling it 'I'm with Cancer'; that's what it is in my head. It's a friend of ours, Will Riser, who we met while working on the LEG show who's my age. He got cancer and beat it luckily and wrote a movie pretty much chronicling his experience. And James McAvoy will be playing him in the movie. And I'll pretty much be playing me, who was his useless friend throughout the process. And we start filming next year.

The Green Hornet is set to hit theaters on December 22nd, 2010.