Michael Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) is known for his unusual, homemade special effects, and as such fans are wondering what this might mean for his direction of The Green Hornet. However, Seth Rogen, who stars in the film as the Hornet, and co-wrote it with Evan Goldberg, recently told SCI FI Wire that we shouldn't expect to see any crazy special effects in the movie.

When asked if Gondry would use his special effect style, Rogen said "You know, he actually really does not want to. Me and Evan have actually come up with [ways]. We've approached him with ideas, like, 'Hey, maybe we could do something like this. You could do you some of your weird people made out of string and s--t like that.' He's like, "No, I don't want to do any of that.' He's like, 'The fact that you think I want to do that drives me crazy and makes me never want to do anything like that again.'" Rogen continued "You know, he hates being predictable and repetitive and doing what's been done before, so as soon as he starts to feel like he's expected to do something, then he doesn't want to do it at all."

Rogen further confirmed that filming for The Green Hornet should start around the end of June 2009. He also said that the film will still follow the hero/sidekick dynamic he had discussed before (where Kato is the real superhero, and the Hornet is more like his sidekick). He also suggested that there will be a bit of an origin story worked in to the film.

Finally, Rogen mentioned the science-fiction film he had been rumored to be working on with Kevin Smith, saying that it was uncertain if their schedules would mesh to do the film. "He's doing that other movie right now. He hasn't written it as far as I know," Rogen said about the film.

The Green Hornet follows the exploits of Britt Reid, a wealthy heir to his father's newspaper franchise, The Daily Sentinel, who fights crime in the city at night, alongside his trusty martial-arts expert sidekick, Kato. Michael Gondry will direct the script co-written by Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The Green Hornet battles his way into theatres June 25, 2010.