If you're heading to Vancouver, Canada in the near future, there's a halfway decent chance you'll be treated to the voice of Seth Rogen while you're there. The actor, writer, director and Producer is set to be the new voice of the city's public transit system. Morgan Freeman had previously been featured as the voice of Vancouver's public transit. However, once the sexual harassment allegations against him were made public, he was promptly removed. That paved the way for Rogen to come in.

This whole thing got started when a reporter suggested Seth Rogen's name on Twitter back in May. Rogen responded to the tweet saying that he was game for the job. So TransLink slid into his DMs and things worked out. Rogen grew up in Canada and took public transit there before making it big. Here's what he had to say about his new gig in a recently released promotional video.

"Any opportunity to enrich the lives of the Canadian people is an opportunity I will take. I'm very proud to be from Vancouver and I grew up taking public transit my whole life, and I still use public transit when I'm in the city."

Seth Rogen actually agreed to do the announcements for free, with TransLink paying for studio and editing time. Rogen wrote the announcements himself. "Hey Vancouver, it's Seth. Here's a tip to make your transit ride even more awesome: I know your bag is probably very nice and you care deeply for it. But that doesn't mean it needs its own seat," says Rogen in one of the messages he's recorded for TransLink. The company had this to say in a statement.

"Mr. Rogen offered to work with TransLink free of charge and we accepted his offer in the pursuit of providing a better customer experience and to share pride in the region. We are always listening to our customers and that means on social media as well. This idea came from our customers and the local media, and we're happy to have been able to get this done in support of our transit system."

In addition to being a very prolific filmmaker in the business, Seth Rogen is a proud Canadian. "When the opportunity came up to be a voice of public transportation I was thrilled. I am honestly always looking for ways to participate in Canadian Culture and to put the spotlight on Canada," he says in the promo video. Rogen splits his time between living in Canada and the U.S.

If you're not going to be in Vancouver to hear him on these messages, Seth Rogen has plenty of other projects on the burner. He's set to star as famed newsman Walter Cronkite in Newsflash, which is currently in pre-production. He's also going to be the voice of Pumba in Disney's live-action remake of The Lion King, which hits theaters next summer. You can check out a promo video for Seth Rogen's new gig, courtesy of the TransLink YouTube channel, for yourself below.

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