Rob Zombie has announced seven more actors who will star in his upcoming Halloween remake, which will begin filming shortly:

Well, I said Monday but what the hell I'll tell ya now. JUDITH MYERS will be played by HANNA HALL. You'll probably remember Hanna from Forrest Gump, she was young Forrest's girlfriend Jenny or as Cecilia from Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides. RELATED: Halloween Kills Will Premiere in Theaters and on Peacock Streaming the Same Day

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More cool casting info folks. Well, a couple of our favorite rejects have joined the cast of Halloween. SHERI MOON ZOMBIE has joined the cast of Halloween as DEBORAH MYERS the mother of Michael Myers and longtime employee of THE RABBIT IN RED LOUNGE-- along with Sheri we have none other than WILLIAM FORSYTHE playing RONNIE WHITE, Deborah's abusive boyfriend.

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I'm very, very excited about this bit of casting news. DEE WALLACE STONE has joined the cast of Halloween as Cynthia Strode. Laurie Strode's mother.

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Well, I was gonna hold this news but it got out anyway. Joining the cast of Halloween are DANNY TREJO as ISMAEL CRUZ a sympathetic worker at Smith's Grove Sanitarium, LEW TEMPLE as NOLE KLUGGS a co-worker of Ismael at Smith's Grove. And last but not least good old KEN FOREE as BIG JOE GRIZZLEY, a truck driver who encounters Michael on his travels.

I'll soon announce the remaining major roles of Laurie, Annie, Lynda, Judith, Sheriff Brackett, Kendall Jacks, Grant Clark, Principle Erics, Councilman Edwards, Lindsey Wallace, Tommy Doyle, Deputy Charles, Dr. Koplenson, Barbara Florentine and Morgan Walker. If you are wondering none of these remaining roles are played by anyone that was in The Devil's Rejects. So start guessing.


Dr. Loomis - Malcolm McDowell

Young Michael Myers - Daeg Faerch

Adult Michael Myers - Tyler Mane

Deborah Myers - Sheri Moon Zombie

Mason Strode - Pat Skipper

Cynthia Strode - Dee Wallace Stone

Ronnie White - William Forsythe

Big Joe - Ken Foree

Nole Kluggs - Lew Temple

Ismael Cruz - Danny Trejo

Halloween arrives in theatres on August 31st, 2007.