The Weinstein Company has debuted seven brand new character posters for Escape from Planet Earth, arriving in theaters on Valentine's Day. Director Cal Brunker's animated adventure puts a new spin on the "alien invasion" genre, with an intergalactic hero who becomes trapped on the mysterious planet known as Earth. Take look at these one-sheets featuring Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser), Lena Thackleman (Jessica Alba), Gary Supernova (Rob Corddry), Kip Supernova (Jonathan Morgan Heit), Kira Supernova (Sarah Jessica Parker), Agent Shanker (William Shatner), Doc (Craig Robinson), Io (Jane Lynch), and Thurman (Paul Reubens), along with descriptions of each character.

Escape From Planet Earth Scorch Supernova Character Poster
"The most beloved hero of Planet Baab, Scorch is the act first, think never face of the BASA program. Doing good and fighting evil across the galaxy, Scorch still makes time to kiss the babies, pose for photos, and pitch for sugary breakfast cereal. Though protected by the genius of his brother Gary's brilliant planning, Scorch considers himself to be a team of one."
Escape From Planet Earth Lena Thackelham Character Poster
"Lena Thackleman is the head of BASA, the Baabian Aeronautics and Space Administration, which takes care of problems across the galaxy and stresses her out. But she's been working on a very secret project - one which will change Baab, and everyone on it."
Escape From Planet Earth Gary Character Poster
"Gary is a world-class genius - a rocket scientist, an engineer, and a mission controller at BASA, not to mention the mastermind behind his brother Scorch's rescue missions. But he gets none of the glory. So when Scorch needs rescuing from the Dark Planet, Gary has to summon all the bravery and strength that no one knew he had."
Escape From Planet Earth Kip Character Poster
"Kip is Gary's very energetic and relentless 9-year old Baabian son. He idolizes his superstar uncle Scorch and wants to be just like him."
Escape From Planet Earth Kira Supernova Character Poster
"After fifteen years as a BASA test pilot, the brave and compassionate Kira Supernova settled down to raise Kip, her son, with Gary Supernova. Her calm courage and matter of fact intelligence make her an essential part of the Dark Planet mission when things start to go all crazy."
Escape From Planet Earth Agent Shanker Character Poster
"The stern mastermind behind Area 51, Shanker is the military leader with a major pet peeve about aliens. A dark secret in his past haunts him every day as he carries out his ruthless plan to take alien technologies and exact his revenge."
Escape From Planet Earth Doc, Io, and Thurman Character Poster
"Though they look like a talking mouse, a giant cyclops, and a three-eyed slimy slug, Doc, Io, and Thurman are three of the most brilliant alien engineers stuck on Planet Earth. Between them, they have invented social networking, the internet, touch screen technology, cell phones, and more. Naively believing that Shanker will some day let them leave Area 51, these three toil away, inventing, designing and building new technology for their human master."