Warner Bros. has provided us with seven new photos from Jack the Giant Slayer, director Bryan Singer's epic 3D adventure that puts a fresh spin on the Jack and the Beanstalk tale. Nicholas Hoult stars as Jack, a farmer's son who unwittingly opens a portal between our world and the giants' world above. Although we have seen them on a few of the posters, these photos give us a better look at some of these massive giants, including the two-headed Fallon, voiced by Bill Nighy and John Kassir. Take a look at these new shots featuring these massive creatures of myth, along with Nicholas Hoult as Jack and Ewan McGregor as Elmont. You can also CLICK HERE to read our full report from the London set.

Jack the Giant Killer Photo 1
Jack the Giant Killer Photo 2
Nicholas Hoult as Jack in Jack the Giant SlayerAfter watching several takes of the riders coming into the castle, we were taken inside this enormous exterior set, which may have been the most immense set I've ever been on in my five years of visiting movie sets. We walked past these big vats of molten lava, that the archers use for flaming arrows. We also saw another set extension past the castle set, that shows us some of the giant's homeland. Naturally, everything was bigger, including a huge net that Jack gets captured in.
The two-headed giant Fallon voiced by Bill Nighy and John Kassir in Jack the Giant SlayerTowards the end of our interview session, the director started showing us a barrage of hilarious footage that will be perfect material for the Blu-ray and DVD release. First he showed us his cameo, a large, grandiose panning shot... that keeps going until we see the director in the frame, shooting his own material with an iPhone. We also saw a perfect gag reel moment featuring {31}. The actress was rehearsing in an area where there are several stationary suits of armor. One day, they decided to put one of the prop guys inside an armor suit, as he walked out in this medieval Iron Man attire to scare the young actress. We also saw footage of {32}'s foot getting stomped on by a horse. I felt bad for laughing. Kind of.
Ewan McGregor as Elmot in Jack the Giant Slayer <blockquote class=He's a bit dubious about Jack to begin with, I think. My character's main job is to look after the princess, during peacetime, that's my main lookout. It strikes me, and I've never discussed it with anyone, but the Guardians are the kind of royal soldiers, the top knights. But during the peacetime at the beginning of the film they're in charge of the security and safety of the royal family. So, myself and {8}'s character, it seems that we are in charge of looking after Isabelle, the princess. She's a very reluctant princess and she's always trying to slip off into the kingdom and have a life. She wants her freedom, in a way. She's a bit of a reluctant princess, so she's quite difficult to look after. And so my first encounter with Jack is when she's given us the slip. We find her at the beginning of the film, there's a pantomime going on about this fable of the giants who live in the sky. It was really nicely put together by {9} who has an agency of small and very big people, so he used all his actors and he directed this pantomime that we shot in this lovely, old circus tent. We find Isabelle there, she's watching the show. At that point, when we come into the tent, everyone bows down because we represent the king, except for Jack, who doesn't bow down because he's taken by surprise. So my first introduction to him is that he's somebody who's not very respectful to us and I'm a bit dubious about what he's after with the princess as well. But as the story unfolds and, once the beanstalk has appeared and the princess has disappeared, he comes along with us, with the Guardians, the kind of search party for her. Slowly, he keeps proving himself over and over."/>
We travel to London to visit the set of Jack the Giant Slayer
One of the slain giants in Jack the Giant SlayerDespite the changes that need to be made behind the camera when shooting for 3D, {26} didn't have any problems with the 3D setup.