Kerouac here, and I've got some more bad remake news, my fellow filmophiles. It seems that since MGM is on the selling block, they're digging up everything they possibly have the rights to, and are saying, "Hmm... How can we rehash this and try to cash in on some name recognition / flavor of the moment stuff, and possibly raise our selling price." But this time... well, they've gone to far.

Variety reports that MGM is looking to remake one of the most perfect films of all time, Seven Samurai. This film is #8 on the top 250 films over at the Internet Movie Database for god's sake! Akira Kurosawa was a master, and nobody, no matter how well the original is adapted, can touch the epic, sweeping tale that was Kurosawa's work.

I'm just flabbergasted. That's right, I said flabbergasted.

Kerouac out!