Lego fans the world over will get to see these popular building blocks come to life in 3D animation with The Lego Movie, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. In anticipation of this theatrical event, Warner Bros. has released seven new photos, via USA Today, which include commentary from the directors and cast members.

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie Photo 1
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Given that iconic Danish toy company Lego has made 560 billion parts since 1958, there were a lot of characters to choose from when sketching out the script starring the plastic bricks. Chris Miller had this to say about the characters.

"There are robots, aliens, cowboys, monsters, animals and all colors of the rainbow. We would say there are enough characters and worlds for many, many sequels."

But first there is the original opening Feb. 7. The duo chose from existing toys and made up some characters for the computer-generated 3-D movie, set in the city of Bricksburg.

Emmet - Voiced by Chris Pratt

The Lego Movie Photo 2

The very, very normal construction worker accidentally finds himself anointed "The Special" by a band of rebels who believe he is the key to saving their world from a controlling dictator. Turns out there's not much special about the hopeless Emmet. Phil Lord had this to say about the story.

"We like the challenge of a story around the most generic, forgettable man in the universe."

Pratt is a fan of the tiny plastic hair with the cowlick.

"I think they captured my likeness. I wish I could get a plastic hairpiece to just snap onto my head every day. That would be a lot easier."

Pratt sees Emmet's dim, but unbridled, excitement as his character's greatest gift.

"Emmet's enthusiasm is something we share. I seem to be really enthusiastic about things as well in life. Maybe more so than I should be. It's probably why (directors) Chris and Phil had me in mind when they created the character."

Wyldstyle - Voiced by Elizabeth Banks

The Lego Movie Photo 3

The free-spirited Master Builder has an independent streak as wild as the color streaks in her plastic hair. She's a car-building specialist, tough and respected. The actress had this to say about her character.

"She's definitely on equal footing with the guys. She is real sassy. She overcomes all obstacles, including that she's a tiny Lego. Wyldstyle is very much me in two-inch form. I brought as much of my sass and attitude that I could get into her."

Batman - Voiced by Will Arnett

The Lego Movie Photo 4

Taken from an actual Lego piece, Batman is a gruff-voiced protector of Bricksburg. Will Arnett had this to say about the hero.

"There are a lot of elements and characters in this world. You need someone to fight crime, a superhero."

But this superhero can be a little inept, despite the effective scowl, according to Will Arnett.

"He does have a few shortcomings. He might not be the greatest Batman. But he's the baddest character in the movie. And he's a good guy."

President Business/Lord Business - Voiced by Will Ferrell

The Lego Movie Photo 5

President Business is an uptight CEO who wants the world to fit into his well-organized plan. Secretly, he's also Lord Business, who oversees a robot militia and attempts to take over the Lego world. Phil Lord had this to say about the villain.

"The ruler of this universe wants everything to stay exactly where he put it and every piece to be in its place. Innovators like Master Builders drive him crazy."

Ferrell is a good fit to voice both characters "since he can get really frustrated in a really funny way," says Miller.

Vitruvius - Voiced by Morgan Freeman

The Lego Movie Photo 6

The bearded mystic Master Builder looks like a Lord of the Rings wizard and speaks with the wise voice of Freeman - but doesn't always use the smartest words. Phil Lord spoke about his resemblance to Gandalf.

"We thought he should look like Gandalf, and it would be so funny if we had this voice that everyone trusts. And then we gave him the most ridiculous things to say."

Vitruvius might not be an orator, but he is the prophet who sees the coming of "The Special" to defeat Lord Business.

Good Cop/Bad Cop - Voiced by Liam Neeson

The Lego Movie

President Business' toughest henchman Bad Cop is all bad, until he finds out he has a Good Cop living inside of him. It's kind of obvious since there are two faces drawn on the character. Chris Miller had this to say about the character.

"We would have Liam do a scene where he would have this friendly, high-pitched voice for Good Cop and then a mean, deep voice for Bad Cop. He was really good at it."

"It was great to play a piece of plastic, and a schizophrenic one at that," says Neeson, noting that "Bad Cop is a dedicated solider who will do anything for President Business.

However, "with a quick swivel of the head he becomes Good Cop."