While appearing on the Ellen Show, Sarah Jessica Parker hinted at the possibility of the long awaited Sex and the City 3 without Kim Cattrall, who acrimoniously split from the franchise late last year. Parker joked that Ellen herself might be the one to step into the role, which Cattrall fully backed on social media. In addition, the actress spoke out about some other actresses that can take over for her to play Samantha, leading to rampant rumors that Sex and the City 3 will continue without Kim Cattrall.

After Sarah Jessica Parker's appearance on Ellen, Kim Cattrall took to social media to endorse the idea of Ellen DeGeneres taking over her Samantha role in the Sex and the City franchise. But the actress later came back to list her three top choices and the list may surprise you. Cattrall's first choice, in no offense to DeGeneres, was Oprah Winfrey. Though the idea is exciting, Winfrey might be preparing for a presidential run in 2020. Cattrall's other choices included Modern Family's Sofía Vergara and Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish, stating that both actresses could make the Samantha character their own.

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While it's possible that Sex and the City 3 may still happen, it seems unlikely that they would replace the iconic Samantha character with a new actress. Instead, it seems like a few new actresses could come in to play new characters to balance out the disappearance of Kim Cattrall's Samantha. But at this point, anything is possible. It should be noted that Sarah Jessica Parker was unsure of the third movie's future but seemed genuinely hopeful that it will still happen.

Kim Cattrall was swept up in a bit of Sex and the City controversy last fall when rumors began to circulate that her "diva behavior" was the reason that negotiations for Sex and the City 3 and had come to a grinding halt. Kristen Davis, Cynthia Nixon, and Sarah Jessica Parker are all ready to jump head-first into the project, but Cattrall maintains that she is just not interested in coming back, citing a "toxic work environment." The diva rumors continued to spread when Parker and Davis went silent on the reasoning behind the negotiation stalls.

Kim Cattrall seems adamant that she will not return to the Sex and the City franchise, with her publicly offering up replacement ideas and revealing that working conditions were less than optimal for a show about 4 female friends. But, Sex and the City 3 may still happen with a new Samantha that could end up being a pretty big actress, if Cattrall has any say over the matter. It might be time to let the franchise end on the high note of the second movie. Regardless, you can read about some hand-picked Samantha replacements from Kim Cattrall's Twitter account.