The women reigned supreme in home video this week, with a popular female title sweeping all three home video charts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sex and the City: The Movie ran through minimal competition and scored top spots in the national DVD sales, rental and Blu-ray sales charts.

Sex and the City: The Movie was the only major release of the week, with the closet competition coming from the George Clooney football film, Leatherheads, which finished in a distant second place in sales, a closer second place in rentals and fifth in Blu-ray sales.

Last week's top two sellers - Made of Honor and Speed Racer - slipped to third and fourth place on the sales charts while Made of Honor, also tops in rentals, slipped to fourth place behind Baby Mama, which held down the third spot.

On the high-def side, Sex and the City: The Movie completed the sweep in taking the Blu-ray sales crown, with Godfather Collection finishing just behind in second place with Leatherheads debuting in fifth place on the 1080p charts.