Actor and producer Michael B. Jordan was announced People's Sexiest Man Alive for the year 2020. The news was met with rapturous applause by Jordan's legions of followers. But there is one person who does not seem to be buying the hype. Dwayne Johnson, who held the same title in 2016, took to Instagram to congratulate Jordan on his win but added that he was not ready to concede the crown yet.

"Fun talkin' about "living each day to the fullest" in @people's SEXIEST MAN ALIVE issue. Congrats to my brother @michaelbjordan on the new sexy crown [fist emoji]. I CONCEDE NOTHING [crown emoji]."

When Michael B. Jordan first broke onto the Hollywood scene with a list of critically-acclaimed performances in indie movies, the actor was marked as one to watch out for by critics. But it was his lead role as Adonis Creed in the Rocky spinoff movie Creed and its sequel that established Jordan as an A-list leading man.

The muscles built up by the actor for Creed had already captured the imagination of his female fans. But it was as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther that Jordan sent audiences into a frenzy, his steely muscles grabbing attention in every scene, even causing one fan who was watching the movie to bite her retainer so hard that she broke it. When Jordan heard about the incident, he reached out to her online and offered to pay for a new retainer.

Clearly, Jordan's appeal is growing by leaps and bounds every year, with the "Sexiest Man Alive" tag the latest proof of the trend. For his part, in an interview with People, the actor accepted the accolade graciously while acknowledging that he was now part of a pretty cool group.

"What went through my head when I found out? It was a cool feeling. Obviously, other people have made so many comments and jokes about...whenever you announce who the guy is, everybody has their comments and they have things they want to say about it. They always make the joke at me like, 'Mike, it's the one thing you're probably not gonna get.' And it was just like, 'Yeah, whatever,' I kind of brush it off. So it was a good feeling. It's cool. It's a good club to be a part of."

While the crown of the "Sexiest Man Alive" may have passed on from Dwayne Johnson to Jordan, with JOhn Legend actually holding the title in 2019, the former has little to be bitter about. Johnson has long been Hollywood's biggest action star and is now gearing up to become part of the DCEU in the role of the anti-hero Black Adam.

Incidentally, Jordan himself has joined the DCEU as a producer for the upcoming Static Shock movie and has also expressed interest in playing the role of Superman at some point. Who knows, we might one day get to see Johnson and Jordan duking it out on the big screen in their superpowered avatars, in a battle to determine DC's sexiest superhero.

Neeraj Chand