Shall We Dance: According to Variety, less than three weeks after the movie opened in theaters, Miramax Home Entertainment is announcing a Feb. 2 DVD release of Shall We Dance.

Still among the top five movies at theaters, the Richard Gere/Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy has grossed about $34 million in the U.S.

The DVD, which Miramax distributor Buena Vista Home Entertainment is releasing less than four months after its theatrical debut, will include the usual array of bonus features, such as audio commentary, deleted scenes and making-of featurettes, as well as a featurette on ballroom dancing and the related musicvideo "Sway" by the Pussycats.

Miramax will simultaneously release the first DVD of the original 1996 Japanese movie (with English subtitles), which generated almost $10 million when it ran theatrically in the U.S. in 1997.

Miramax is releasing Hero on November 30th, just three months after the 2002 Chinese film opened in U.S. theaters. The plans were announced after the movie had been in theaters for only two weekends.