Filmmaker Shane Abbess (Gabriel) has been hired to direct 7th Day for producer Martha De Laurentiis.

Source Code screenwriter Ben Ripley is writing the script, which is based on an original idea he concocted with Shane Abbess. The story centers on a journey to create a new colony in outer space. The project is described as The Shining on a space station.

Martha De Laurentiis will produce along with Shane Abbess. Here's what Martha De Laurentiis had to say about the sci-fi thriller.

"We are always looking for young, inspiring filmmakers wanting to tell a unique, high-concept story, and after meeting Shane, I decided to immediately snap the property off the market."

Here's what Shane Abbess recently said about 7th Day.

"7th Day is going to be a contemporary take with the soul of classic genre."

Ben Ripley also talked about the twists he incorporated in the 7th Day screenplay.

"We tried to design sequences at every turn which would surprise us and subvert genre expectations."

No production schedule was revealed for 7th Day.