Director Shane Carruth came out of nowhere to stun the indie film world with his 2004 debut feature Primer when it premiered at Sundance in 2004 and went on to achieve cult status. The director hasn't been heard from since, but it seems he has a new film in the works. An io9 reader has uncovered a bizarre new website which registered by Carruth last year, although the website has apparently gone live just recently. io9 is reporting that this new website appears to be a website for Carruth's new film, A Topiary and it only features the message below:

A Topiary website image

The Playlist confirms that Carruth's new film is indeed called A Topiary and that they have a copy of the script. Here's a brief excerpt from the site's article.

The script begins with a head-scratching thirty minute prologue involving Acre Stowe, a municipal worker of an undisclosed city in the 1980s. Carruth notes that scenes change at a pace of thirty to forty seconds each and that this part of the film is paced somewhat like a combination of a conventional film and a "previously on" segment of a TV show.

CLICK HERE to read more about the script, but be warned that the article does contain spoilers.