China is in the process of getting their affairs back in order, and that means reopening many of the businesses that have been closed during this global crisis. It has been announced today that Shanghai Disneyland will officially reopen to the public starting next week. But parkgoers will have to follow a strict set of guidelines. These rules and regulations will also be in place when other Disney Parks start to reopen across the world, including Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Disney World in Florida.

Shanghai Disneyland is officially reopening on May 11. But those wishing to visit the park will have to make reservations, and the number of people being allowed into the park is limited. There will also be temperature screenings before anyone is allowed to step foot in the theme park.

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Shanghai Disneyland has been closed since January of this year, with China the first to issue stay at home orders due to the ongoing crisis now being experienced all around the world. The announcement of its reopen date was made today during the Walt Disney Company Q2 earnings call.

In order for park visitors to practice strict social distancing rules, the guest capacity is being greatly limited.

There have been various tests being conducted at Disney Parks. This includes the return of character dining and new seating guidelines at shows and theaters. While the parks have been closed, Disney has installed new queues to establish where parties should stand while lining up for the rides. These social distancing markings are only temporary.

Shanghai Disneyland will be utilizing expanded Health QR, and Disney is one of the first to begin experimenting with temperature screenings. Only those showing a normal temperature will be allowed inside. And they must obtain a green QR code. All of the procedures will remain in place as the park goes through its initial reopen. It isn't known how long the procedures will be in place after that.

No further details are being revealed at this time. It also isn't known how the booking process will work. Right now, the park has a maximum capacity of 80,000 guests a day. The park has been ordered to run at 30% of that maximum capacity. So there will be a maximum of 24,000 guests until these restrictions are lifted. The goal is to make sure there are no lines backing up throughout the park.

Many are looking at the reopening of Shanghai Disneyland as a guide in reopening other theme parks and establishments across the globe. No reopen date has been set in place for any of the other parks including Disneyland and Disney World, but these restrictions will be in place when the theme park attractions reopen in the states. This news was reported at