Shanghai Disneyland tickets for reopening day next week sold out in three minutes. The park has been closed since January, for obvious reasons. Visitors to the theme park will be required to wear face masks at all times unless they are eating, while employees will also be wearing masks. The reopening announcement earlier this week started to help the Walt Disney Company's stock prices, which have been fluctuating lately. Thanks to the strong first-day tickets sales, stock has risen yet again.

Shanghai Disneyland usually sees around 80,000 visitors on a daily basis, but the government has mandated that the park now operate at 30% capacity, which is about 24,000 visitors. Disney CEO Bob Chapek says the park will start off with the smaller capacity before trying to ramp up in the next several weeks. The park previously said it's taking "a deliberate approach" to reopening that will require physical distancing from others as much as possible. Lines will be spread out and all surfaces, including railings, will be cleaned routinely by Disneyland cast members.

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With the shortage of ticket sales, it has created a demand. The Disney park also sold out for May 16th within minutes, along with other days that took a little while longer to sell all of the tickets. Nobody really knew what to expect when the park announced it would be opening its doors again, so this has been a bit of a surprise. With that being said, things are going to look a lot different in the future, not including the social distancing aspects.

Shanghai Disneyland has announced it will implement "the government-issued Shanghai Health QR code," which is "a contact tracing and early detection system that is used widely in China." Additionally, a temperature screening will be required. Individuals who show symptoms or have been proven to be around others who have symptoms, will not be granted access to the park. "Only guests with a green Health QR Code will be allowed to enter the resort," Disney said. Shanghai has not had any new cases since the beginning of March, so now seems like a good time to experiment and see how people react to the new normal at the theme park.

As for Disneyland and Disney World in the United States, they have been shut down since the middle of March. Disney has not yet announced any plans to get the parks opened or a target start date. Originally, it was thought the parks would be down for a few weeks, though it didn't work out like that at all. However, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has a plan to reopen restaurants in its Disney Springs waterfront development in a "phased reopening," starting on on May 20th. It looks like Disney World may end up opening ahead of the California park if all goes well with their "phased reopening." NPR was one of the first to report on Shanghai Disneyland tickets selling out.

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