It is very early in the fall movie season, but that means we are starting to see some potential Oscar contenders emerge. A few movies have been getting a ton of awards season buzz on the festival circuit already, with Guillermo Del Toro's The Shape of Water being one of the most discussed and critically-praised movies making the rounds thus far. And it just so happens that the movie features a crazy sex scene.

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Shape of Water. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Doug Jones, who plays the fish monster in question, spoke about The Shape of Water and the bizarre sex scene. Jones has worked with Guillermo Del Toro frequently in the past, portraying Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies, in addition to having parts in Pan's Labyrinth and Crimson Peak. Despite their excellent established relationship, Del Toro was hesitant when it came to discussing this movie with Jones. And for good reason. Here's what he had to say about it.

"He [del Toro] was hesitating when he talked to me, so I asked what were his misgivings. He said, 'I know you're a good Catholic boy, I just want to make sure it's OK with you to play this.' I asked what could possibly be the problem and he goes, 'Well, there's a f**k scene.' (Laughs.) As only he could say. When I asked him why this time does it need to involve full-frontal nudity, I mean, we're going for it! And he harkened back to the Creature from the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein and any of the classic monster movies that helped develop his love of monsters. There was always a romantic side to these characters and relationships on film that never got actualized all the way. Guillermo said this time, the monster's going to actually f**k the girl. (Laughs.) A gentler way to say it is that this is the creature from the wet, black lagoon who actually gets the girl this time."

So there you have it. Doug Jones' fish monster and Sally Hawkins' mute human character are going to make love in The Shape of Water. This is certainly strange, but the romance between the characters has been heavily hinted at in the movie's marketing. And as strange as it may sound, if there's anyone who can pull this kind of thing off, it's Guillermo Del Toro. Not to mention that, if the early reviews are to be believed, he absolutely pulled it off.

The Shape of Water currently has a 98 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. With 46 reviews counted, there has only been a single negative review. That's pretty solid for a movie with such strange subject matter. This movie is a very serious Oscar contender at this point and it has been hailed as Guillermo Del Toro's masterpiece. Considering the very awards-friendly release date of December 8, Fox seems to have a lot of confidence that this sex scene won't hurt the movie's chances with the Academy. We shall find out soon enough.

Ryan Scott