The Shape of Water is one of 2017's best movies and it looks like it has a chance to sweep the Oscars this year. Guillermo Del Toro arguably crafted his finest work to date and is getting the recognition he deserves. But like all great filmmakers, he left some things on the table and some questions unanswered. Like, for example, what did the fishman's private parts look like? We need no longer wonder, as an adult toy company has answered this burning question for all of us. Not only that, but they're turning a nice profit as a result.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead for The Shape of Water. In the movie, Doug Jones plays a mysterious fishman who falls in love with Sally Hawkins' character Elisa. The relationship progresses and they eventually get it on. However, we never see what the fish creature is packing under those scales that has Elisa so hot and bothered. This is even joked about in the movie. But thanks to the folks over at XenoCat Artifacts, we now have some idea of what it may look like, for those who were dying to know. Granted, I doubt they consulted with Guillermo Del Toro about the authenticity, but an adult toy they released in January is definitely inspired by the creature from The Shape of Water. The toy was announced via their Twitter account last month.

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"This is it guys! Closing in on our drop date for the Shape of Water inspired toys! 10-15 toys will be available January 15th! Reel in your Lover today! Color name is called 'Jewel of the Amazon'"

So far, all of the toys that XenoCat Artifacts has made based on The Shape of Water have sold out. Apparently, quite a few people like the idea of getting busy with a strange fishman. Don't worry, those who wanted to take Elisa's place while watching the movie, you're clearly not alone. Perhaps some people could have just purchased the toy as a novelty item?

The Shape of Water, which takes place in Baltimore in 1962, centers on Elisa; a mute, isolated woman who works as a cleaning lady in a hidden government laboratory that is totally top-secret. Her life changes forever when she discovers the lab's classified secret; a mysterious, fishman from South America that lives in a water tank. Elisa develops a "unique" bond with her new monster friend. Or, another way to put it would be that they have a romantic relationship with one another and go all the way.

Aside from inspiring a rather bizarre but clearly popular NSFW toy, The Shape of Water has accomplished a lot. The movie has grossed $67 million worldwide and leads the pack at the upcoming Academy Awards with 13 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. For better or for worse, the movie can also put this feather in its cap. If you want to see The Shape of Water toys for yourself, you can check out the NSFW images over at XenoCat Artifacts Twitter.