Have you been wondering how they brought all of the sharks to life in the hilarious and thrilling sequel Sharknado 2: The Second One? We have a special Blu-ray preview that shows off some of the VFX in the movie, and how they were accomplished in this harrowing tale of a tornado that drops over three hundred Great Whites on the city of New York.

Available now on Blu-ray and DVD, Syfy's ratings record-breaker turned pop culture phenomenon continues with this epic adventure, hitting shores as a never-before-aired extended version from Cinedigm and The Asylum.

In this latest Shark-tastic adventure, stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid reprise their roles from the original, now iconic disaster film Sharknado. Joining the cast is Vivica A. Fox, platinum recording artist Mark McGrath, and a huge collection of celebrities making must-see cameo appearances!

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This terrifying and hilarious sequel once again matches heroes against sharks who are swept up into deadly storms to form lethal "Sharknadoes." Check out how the sharks came to life, and learn the magic behind the terror in a way only the folks behind Sharknado 2 can bring you!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange