The Last Sharknado: It's About Time is being advertised as the final installment for the popular franchise, which could just be a clever marketing ploy. The Sharknado franchise has been taking some of the more ridiculous elements of the entertainment industry and lampooning them, but they have yet to tackle the reboot, which could be what's next. Sharknado 6 star Tara Reid recently teased that there could be more sharks in the forecast after this Sunday. In the meantime, SyFy has released the final trailer before Sunday night's festivities and it's just as over-the-top as you can imagine.

After turning the director down for Sharknado 2, veteran rocker Dee Snider is on board for Sharknado 6, as shown in the new trailer. In addition to Snider, Gary Busey, Mark McGrath, and a whole bunch of others make cameos in the final installment. One of the more interesting scenes is a future full of Tara Reid clones and robotic sharks. The moment is shown right after going to the past and fighting dragon sharks in the Middle Ages.

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Tara Reid was recently interviewed to promote Sharknado 6 and she claims that it's her favorite out of the whole franchise. Even after the latest film, director Anthony C. Ferrante still favors the second installment, comparing it to Evil Dead 2. However, the director has not publicly expressed which one is his least favorite. Reid says that Sharknado 6 is so incredibly bad, that it's actually good, which is debatable. The first movie was an organic fluke that has been turned into one giant commercial, something that Ferrante is not ashamed of whatsoever.

The Sharknado franchise has seen quite a few different super storms over the years, including a nuclearnado, hailnado, firenado, and even a cownado, to name a few. However, Sharknado 6 features the new timenado, helping to go back in time and to the future. Prehistoric times show off a giant great white shark taking down a T-Rex while the future features the aforementioned robotic sharks. As for things that Anthony C. Ferrante wanted to try out in the franchise and never did, he says aliens are the missing factor, but insists that time travel is where they draw the line.

Even though Sharknado 6 is being billed as the final installment in the franchise, don't be surprised if it makes its way back to the small screen in the near future with aliens involved in some capacity. The cast and crew clearly have a fun time making them, but number five saw a steep decrease in ratings from the fourth installment, which could be why they're deciding to bill this one as the final film. You can watch the last and completely ridiculous trailer for Sharknado 6 below, thanks to the SyFy YouTube channel. The last installment airs on the SyFy network on Sunday, August 19th.