Sharknado is a cult phenomenon the likes of which we have not seen in over a decade. This past summer saw the third chapter in the thrilling series Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! arrive to much acclaim. But it almost never happened. Now, the new movie Sharknado : Heart of Sharkness delves into the truth behind the movie that has taken the world by storm. Literally! And we get a sneak peek with the first trailer.

Jared Cohn stars in Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness, which is coming to DVD this October from The Asylum. Part of the official Sharknado canon, this one is a mockumentary in the style of Christopher Guest's catalog of faves like Best In Show and A Mighty Wind. It sees Jared Cohn playing David Moore, the filmmaker who first dreamed of "sharks in a tornado" and brought on a true disaster by using real sharks. The first Sharknado  was to be a movie never seen, a crime never reported, a tale never told. Until now!

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In the movie, Jared Cohn sets out to find the truth behind the first director, who actually filmed a complete version of Sharknado that has gone missing. Did it get shelved for eternity? Apparently, the cast and crew don't want to talk about it, as they run away from interviews mid-conversation, and try to hide any and all evidence. For the first time, footage from the buried first draft is being shown to the public in all its gruesome, blood red glory. You will see a man cut himself out of the belly of a real shark! You will see the original vision as it was meant to be seen. You will see things you wished you'd hadn't! Be warned, you can not unsee any of it!

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! left everyone on a cliffhanger. Will Tara Reid live or die as a blazing piece of space trash heads directly for her on the beach? Fans were asked to decide her fate on social media, which will be revealed in Sharknado 4 this summer. But before that can happen, the public needs to know the real truth behind what happened on set of the first movie.

You know the name. You know the movies. You know the phenomenon. But you don't know this! Director Jeremy Wagner's Sharknado : Heart of Sharkness is out October 6. Will this be the most important truth-telling expose of 2015? Will this be a nice, new addition to the franchise? Or is this just some whacked out fever dream? All will be revealed in time for Halloween!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange