Catherine Trammel is back! That's right, everyone's favorite naked chair straddler will be gracing the big screen once again in Basic Instinct 2. 14 years in the making, Sharon Stone returns to reprise her role as the feisty sex addict.

Now an author, Trammel has moved from San Francisco and is living in London; there, she gets into a little bit of trouble when she's accused with the murder of a famous athlete. It's up to Psychiatric Doctor Michael Glass (David Morrissey) to find out the truth from the sultry and sexy Stone.

But just like the original 1992 classic, Trammel has her way with the Doc. And it's that seduction that helps her convince Glass to testify for her in the court proceedings. All I have to say is from what I've seen of a nearly 50 year old Sharon Stone, I may have to agree with Dr. Glass in getting tangled in her web.

Want to talk to Dr. Glass about the decisions he's going to make in the upcoming film? Sony and AOL Instant Messenger are setting up a chat with the psychotherapist very soon so fans will have the chance to interact with the stars of the film. We'll let you know when that will be happening as soon as we know.

If you want to see what I'm talking about how good Sharon Stone looks, check out the official trailer from Sony right here:

And you can check out the uncensored trailer from the film if you CLICK HERE

(Warning: this spot includes nudity and extreme sexual content.)

Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction opens in theaters March 31st; it's rated R.