Actress Sharon Stone recently revealed in the magazine Prestige that she will be shooting a new film next year entitled Satisfaction.

She will be starring in the film with Chris Evans and Carice van Houten and here's how she described the film in the article:

It's about a male prostitute in London who loses the older woman who's been taking care of him, and the call-out agency he's worked for is tired of his behaviour and don't want to send him out any more. He goes looking for someone else to take care of him and he keeps trying to come on to [my character]. You think they have legitimately fallen in love, by his behaviour and her behaviour - until the call-out service starts sending him out again while he's with her. He starts trying to break her down. And it's incredible what they do together: a very, very fascinating journey.

Stone said she would begin shooting the film in January 2010. Anya Camilleri is directing the film from a script by Simon Burke.