Shaun of the Dead has been on a lot of people's minds lately. The timely horror comedy was about two slacker friends trying to weather the storm of a zombie apocalypse. Now, that apocalypse seems to have become very real in a new photo of Ohio Protestors that has gone viral. And it has the 2004 Edgar Wright Zombie Rom-Com trending on Twitter.

The photo in question captures the chaos of the moment perfectly. It shows a number of protestors in Ohio pressed against the glass, demanding that the Governor open the state back up for business. The reason the photo started trending with the #ShaunoftheDead hashtag is because it looks an awful lot like the original movie poster for the Simon Pegg cult classic. And it is certainly reminiscent of some of the scenes towards the end of the movie as some have pointed out.

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Joshua A. Bickel is the one responsible for snapping this sure to be iconic photo for the history books. He is a photojournalist for @DispatchAlerts. For some clarification on the photo, these were protestors outside the Statehouse Atrium. Reporters had gathered to listen to the Monday update when about 100 demonstrators assembled outside the building, all of them upset that the state is still under a stay-at-home order. They want non-essential businesses to open back up. And this is a big debate in the country at this time.

The photo has garnered plenty of attention since it was snapped this past Monday. One Twitter user going by the name Lil Stinker stated that, 'This is a scene from the third act of @edgarwright's Shaun of the Dead, but with a worse soundtrack.' Others showed side-by-side comparisons to the original Shaun of the Dead poster which shows Simon Pegg as Shaun, carrying flowers for his girlfriend on the tube, smooshed up against the panes of glass by a horde of Zombies with the tagline, 'Ever Felt Like You Were Surrounded by Zombies?'

There have been plenty of mentions of The Winchester over the past couple of weeks. And Simon Pegg even shot a PSA with his co-star and pal Nick Frost which put the two back in their old characters for some fun. Four weeks on, there have been plenty of celebrity PSAs at this point though, so that is getting to be a bit stale.

You can check out more of the tweets below, with the photo trending far and wide on social media right now. It stands as a reminder of what we're all currently facing, but at least we can look at it and laugh just a little, knowing the realties that lay behind the whole thing. Perhaps watching Shaun of the Dead tonight can give a good laugh in a time when we need it most.