Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have just parodied a classic Shaun of the Dead scene. The duo did a coronavirus PSA and did not even have to leave their respective homes to do so. By now, the whole world knows about COVID-19 and its dangers, but some people still need some help remembering what is still okay to do and what is not. Luckily, Pegg and Frost have everybody covered.

Shaun of the Dead memes are basically everywhere right now as apocalypse jokes spread. There's no get togethers or parties for the time being since everybody has to practice social distancing, so social media is delivering a decent amount of comedy while the world deals with coronavirus. In an effort to remind people about aspects of social distancing, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reprise their Shaun and Ed characters and do a hilarious take on the "Wait For This All to Blow Over" scene.

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There is no killing of an elderly family member, nor are our characters rushing over to see mom. Instead, this Shaun of the Dead parody takes place in the current coronavirus time. Shaun and Ed are on the phone together because they obviously should not be in the same room since they're practicing social distancing. Shaun gives Ed the plan, which also does not involve going over to Liz's house. They deconstruct a few jokes, introduce a toilet paper gag, and then hang up. While it's a good coronavirus PSA, it was probably just an excuse for two friends to call each other on the phone. Simon Pegg then drinks some coffee from a Star Trek mug with the logo directed right at the camera.

Simon Pegg has recently cast doubt on a new Star Trek movie coming out in recent months, so his coffee cup was more than likely a reference to that. Fans are still waiting to see what happens next with the franchise, while Shaun of the Dead fans wonder if there will ever be a sequel. Pegg has said that he and director Edgar Wright talked about it in a pub for a few hours, but it never went past stage. The actor has said the sequel involved vampires and that it was totally ridiculous.

This coronavirus PSA is the next best thing to a Shaun of the Dead sequel. It is spreading good information at a time where there is a ton of misinformation spreading like wildfire. COVID-19 is all over North America and it is likely cases will go up once further testing is allowed. Home tests are reportedly on the way and they will pretty pricey. As for a cure, there isn't one yet, which is why everybody has to practice their social distancing. You can check out the Shaun of the Dead parody below.