The Mighty Ducks star Shaun Weiss celebrated 265 days of sobriety with a new smile. Back in August of 2018, things were not looking good for Weiss. The actor had a problem with meth and alcohol and was living on the streets. He was arrested more than once and each mugshot looked worse than the one that came before. Weiss was unrecognizable, looking nothing like the loveable goalie known as Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks franchise.

Shaun Weiss was arrested again at the beginning of the year over burglary charges and drug charges. He was placed in jail and The Mighty Ducks fan community rallied behind him. Free rehab was offered by many, including Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael. Weiss' good friend Drew Gallagher even set up a GoFundMe to help get him back on his feet. Weiss took people up on their offers and started a rehab program after serving his sentence where he has been since.

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After years of drug abuse, Shaun Weiss' teeth were infected and many needed to be pulled. Drew Gallagher was attempting to raise money for dental services, but Los Angeles-based dentist Dr. Gabe Rosenthal offered a full dental sponsorship, which is valued between $50k-$100k. While he still has a ways to go, Weiss posed for a picture with his brand-new upper front teeth and he looks healthy and happy again. He has put on some weight since the last mugshot photo, looking like the old Goldberg again. As of this writing, Weiss is celebrating 265 days of sobriety.

All of the money that Drew Gallagher originally raised for Shaun Weiss' dental work will now go into helping pay rehab facility fees, living expenses, and possibly even a car. Weiss is currently enrolled in an outpatient program in Woodland Hills, where he goes five days a week. Back in March, Weiss started, and later completed, a 90-day program at Quest 2 Recovery in Lancaster. Gallagher has been giving a lot of updates via the GoFundMe page, and each one of them has been about the positivity surrounding Weiss' recovery. "For the last 3 years I've been doing all I can to help Shaun. His loss of his parents sent him into a depression and so he turned to drugs. Before long Shaun was sleeping on my couch and eventually the streets where he has been beaten up and has any belongings stolen," says Gallagher on the page.

Shaun Weiss has already come a long way from sleeping on Drew Gallagher's couch. He has nearly a full year of sobriety under his belt, thanks to the help of The Mighty Ducks fans from around the world. Hopefully he'll be able to keep this momentum up and get back into acting at some point down the line. The official GoFundMe page for Shaun Weiss was the first to give a sobriety and dental update.