Back in the early part of 2008, it was announced, and then eight months later unannounced, that Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) was going to be directing DC Comics and Warner Brother's adaptation of The Flash. Levy recently spoke to MTV about his involvement, and the un-involvement with the film.

Levy explained that the issue was largely one of time and focus, saying that when he was brought on-board for The Flash, it was before the WGA strike, and while George Miller's Justice League of America was still on the radar. It was also the time that Levy's Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian was in development.

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"Collectively, the producers realized that movie needed a leader who could focus exclusively on bringing it to the screen," the director said, "And because Justice League of America was looking like it was going to get made, there was this time sensitivity to move The Flash forward."

Levy went on to remember saying to the producers "If you're looking for someone who can devote himself only to The Flash, I can't be your guy, because I'm the shepherd of my own franchise - Night at the Museum - and I'm going to need to pay attention to that."

"That's really what it was," continued Levy. "We were doing development, and getting interesting places on the script, but they wanted someone with more time and focus than I was able to promise."

Does Levy feel any regret about losing his opportunity to make a big-budget, tentpole superhero film? Not really. "You know what? It's not a yearning for me," he explained. "It's a thing I'd love to try my hand at, but as I look at the work of guys like [Jon] Favreau, [Christopher] Nolan and Zack Snyder, it occurs to me that there are guys who are genuinely naturals at those sort of films. And I may or may not have that muscle."