pointed us in the direction of a recent Shawn Wayans interview, where the self-professed comedian talked with about his upcoming The Munsters film adaptation.

Shawn explained that the film would not be getting their trademark R rating, explaining, "The Munsters is going to be PG-13. You know what happened with the rated R thing is that we were doing our rated R comedies and then they started clamping down on kids going into the theater. So kids would still be sneaking into our movie but would be paying to see something else. So none of the box office went to our movie, yet everyone still saw it. Business wise, it made it tough for us to continue doing them."

About the rumor that Shawn and his brothers would have a hand in the upcoming Scary Movie 5, Wayans replied, ''We are not involved in 3, 4 or 5 no matter what rumors are put out there. They sucked. Scary Movie 2 was better than both of them and it wasn't our best one, we know that, we were rushed to do that movie".

The Munsters does not have a set release date at this time.