After a long delay, Shazam 2, the sequel to the surprise superhero hit Shazam!, started filming this past week in Atlanta, and star Zachary Levi couldn't contain his excitement at being back at work in a post on Instagram. The actor posted an image of a cool pair of Shazam-themed sneakers, with a gushing statement of his gratitude to pretty much the whole world.

There are many actors who are feeling the same right now, as many Covid19 delayed projects get back into production and the industry takes its first big steps back towards some kind of normality. During what has probably been the longest period of uncertainty faced by actors and entertainers, cameras starting to roll again is the perfect reason for some to show how much it means to them to be back doing what they love.

Zachary Levi made the post, which can be seen below, saying, "Shazam: Fury of the Gods is officially underway! So grateful to @wbpictures @newlinecinema @dccomics et al for seeing the 16 year old inside me and believing he could be their Big Red Cheese. Actual 16 year old me would be shitting himself if he knew what his future was gonna hold. I legit sit around and just feel overcome with gratitude when I allow myself to look back thru my life and see all the countless blessings. The unearthly and immense amount of protection, provision, and providence God has orchestrated in my life."

He continued the epic outpouring, "All of you, my friends and family who have lifted me up and supported me since I was doing school and community theater. You've known me since I was 16. We did it y'all. We're doing it. And honestly, wouldn't I just sh*t myself?? ???? Well, I know one thing for sure. 16 year old me would be straight up rockin these kicks."

Shazam: Fury of The Gods continues the story of the DC Comics superhero which started in 2019, in the seventh movie connected to the DCEU. The plot of the first movie revolves around teenager Billy Batson, who after being chosen by an ancient wizard called Shazam, gains the ability to turn into a grown up superhero by saying the word Shazam!.

The movie gained generally positive reviews, but with a hefty budget of around $250 million, it was only a minor success when it came to profit, taking around $330 million worldwide. However, the sequel was announced in 2019, and was originally meant to be released in April 2022. Due to Covid19 delays in filming, the movie has now moved to June 2023 instead.

Levi is joined in the movie by Lucy Lui and Helen Mirren, as movie villains Kalypso and Hespera respectively, as well as returning stars of the first film, Asher Angel, as the young Batson, Jack Dylan Grazer, Ian Chen, Grace Fulton, Adam Brody and Michelle Borth. YouTube and West Side Story star Rachel Zegler was also announced for a mystery role in the movie that is still undisclosed. If everything goes to plan, Shazam: Fury of The Gods will be released on 2nd June, 2023.