Since 2007, when Get Smart was in production at Warner Bros., Dwayne Johnson has been teasing his role in Shazam! For a while, he didn't know if he was playing the hero of the movie, or the villian. And then there was a short period where he wasn't sure if the movie was happening at all. Now that Warner Bros. has confirmed Shazam! as part of their upcoming DC universe slate, he is fully prepared to pull out all the stops as Black Adam, and offered an update on his transformation into this bad guy turned 'sort of good'.

Shazam! won't be in theaters until 2019. That is still four years away. But that isn't stopping Dwayne Johnson from preparing for his role as Black Adam. And its obviously been on his mind for the past seven years. By the time we see him on screen in those black and gold tights, he will have spent the better part of 12 years preparing to take on this iconic DC comics character. That's a lot of time to get it right.

He revealed on his personal Twitter account that he is going to bring balance to Black Adam. Like in the comic books, the character will be a ruthless anti-hero, yet he will also be relentlessly charming. In the comic books, Black Adam is the primary adversary of superhero Shazam. When he was first introduced in 1945, Black Adam was a corrupted, ancient Egyptian predecessor of Shazam, who fought his way to modern times to challenge the hero. In later years, he would become a corrupt anti-hero out to clear his name. The New 52 has changed that idea yet again, giving him an unprecedented level of prominence in the overall "universe" of DC Comics characters. Will Dwayne Johnson be able to get the character right? He thinks so. Here is his tweet:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange