This year saw the debut of Warner Bros.' DC Extended Universe (DCEU) with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, both of which had successful runs at the box office, but failed to impress many fans and critics alike. Next up is Wonder Woman (June 2, 2017) and Justice League (November 11, 2017), but down the road, many fans are looking forward to Shazam!, which is currently set for release on April 5, 2019. While the title character has yet to be cast, Dwayne Johnson has come aboard to play the villainous Black Adam, and today we have new fan artwork that may tease the inclusion of another DCEU hero.

On Christmas Day, Henry Cavill sent out a photo on Instagram, where he was seen having a few drinks with Dwayne Johnson, which started a new round of rumors that Superman will make an appearance in Shazam, although there hasn't been any confirmation from the studio. After this meeting was shown to the world on social media, artist Boss Logic tweeted out a new piece of artwork the day after this Christmas get together, which shows what a beating between Black Adam and Superman might look like. After Boss Logic debuted the artwork, Dwayne Johnson chimed in on Twitter about his meeting with Henry Cavill.

"We had Cavill over to the Johnson family household for Christmas. A good day. Tequila & whiskey. #BlackAndSups"

It's worth noting, back in April, Dwayne Johnson teased that Superman and Black Adam won't fight each other in the first Shazam movie, but he said that he'd love nothing more than to fight Kal-El in a future movie. While it remains unclear if this Christmas Day meeting was business-related, or if it was just simply two men who play DC characters sharing a drink, it's possible that Black Adam may be eyed to appear in either Justice League or Man of Steel 2, with the latter seeming the most viable option.

Back in August, Dwayne Johnson's producing partner Dany Garcia revealed that the Shazam movie will certainly "live in the same world as the other films" in the DCEU, but the producing team has an "incredible autonomy over this brand and franchise." Shazam! is being produced by New Line Cinema, and not its parent company of Warner Bros., so while it's possible that there could be some DCEU characters stopping by in Shazam!, it won't likely follow the same continuity as the the DCEU films.

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As of now, Shazam! doesn't have a director attached, with Goosebumps writer Darren Lemke signing on to write the script back in the fall of 2014. No story details have been given for Shazam! at this time, but we still have a few years left before this highly-anticipated project hits the big screen. While we wait for more details on Shazam!, take a look at the Boss Logic artwork, plus the tweets and Instagram photos from Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill.