/conjuring-2-director-james-wan/Earlier today it was announced that James Wan will return to direct the horror sequel The Conjuring 2 as part of his new deal with New Line Cinemas. A crucial tidbit of information may have been overlooked in the initial report, which states that James Wan will make an important movie for New Line and Warner Bros. 'or' DC.

New Line president/COO Toby Emmerich had this to say about James Wan's deal at New Line:

"James will make an important movie for New Line and Warner Bros or DC, and that is definitely part of the plan, and a reason for bringing him into the family. He's the only overall director with a deal here, because we see him as a class of one."
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Toby Emmerich's quote is a little misleading. Its not quite clear what is meant by 'New Line, Warner Bros. or DC'. But right now, Shazam! is the only known DC movie that is set up at New Line, while the rest of the recently announced movies are being house at Warner Bros. So it's quite possible that James Wan will direct Shazam! for New Line.

As previously stated, Shazam! is not being looked at as part of the overall DC Comics Cinematic Universe. No confirmed story details have been released, except that Dwayne Johnson is confirmed to play Black Adam . The 'Or' in the statement could also be referring to one of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movies, or one of the Warner Bros. and DC Comics standalone Justice League spinoffs.

James Wan is set to develop and produce modestly budgeted sci-fi, horror and comedy movies for New Line in the next couple of years, and since his deal is specifically with New Line, it seems like Shazam! is the safest bet if we are to wager exactly which movie James Wan will be taking on for DC.

Shazam! doesn't arrive in theaters until 2019, giving James Wan ample time to direct The Conjuring 2 for 2016 and a possible Fast & Furious 7 sequel for 2017. James Wan currently has a holding deal with Universal, and while they have opened up his schedule allowing him to make The Conjuring 2, they have not confirmed he will be back for their hugely popular action franchise.

We'll have to wait until an official announcement is made to know for sure how this is all playing out.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange