It feels like ages since it was first announced that Dwayne Johnson would be playing the villainous Black Adam in the long-awaited Shazam! movie. Since the initial announcement, not much has happened and a director hasn't even officially been brought on board the project. That may soon change, as it looks like one of The Rock's frequent collaborators could be in the running to direct Shazam.

The folks over at the fan site Batman-News recently discovered some interesting Twitter activity by DC Extended Universe head Geoff Johns. Shortly after he and several other of the people at Warner Bros. had a meeting about Shazam and the rest of the upcoming DC slate with Dwayne Johnson, Geoff Johns followed several people on Twitter. Those followed included Hiram Garcia and Beau Flynn, both producing partners with Johnson, but he also followed director Brad Peyton, who has worked with the actor several times in the past.

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This kind of Twitter activity may not seem like much, but similar follows have preceded breaking DCEU related news in the past, so there is reason to believe this could mean something. Brad Peyton and Dwayne Johnson have a very good working relationship, as they have paired up for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island as well as San Andreas. The pair are currently working on Rampage and there are sequels planned for both San Andreas and Journey, so something must be working there. Here is what Dwayne Johnson had to say in a Facebook post following his recent meeting with the heads of DC.

"Had a very cool and strategic meeting with the heads of DC Comics about their entire universe. As a hard core DC fan, to get a real sense of the tonal shifts and developments coming in these future movies has me fired up. Something we, as DC fans have all been waiting for. Hope, optimism & FUN. I'm excited about our future together and you should be to. Even when talking about the the most ruthless villain/anti-hero of all time finally coming to life. Prepare yourselves DC Universe. #KneelAtHisFeet #OrGetCrushedByHisBoot #BlackAdam"

There appears to be some movement over on the DCEU side of things. Shortly after the meeting with Dwayne Johnson, it was announced that David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes were writing the Green Lantern Corps. movie. It has also been teased that there is a "big announcement" related to Shazam coming soon. Could it be that Brad Peyton is being announced as the director? It certainly wouldn't be surprising at this point. Warner Bros. also needs to cast someone as Shazam, since Dwayne Johnson is playing the villain Black Adam, and not the good guy for once.

Currently, Shazam is set for an April 5, 2019, release date. Assuming Warner Bros. and the creative team behind the movie want to stick to that, they are probably going to have to get the ball rolling soon. That could be tricky given The Rock's insane schedule and slate of upcoming projects, but things could always wind up getting shifted around. Outside of the Shazam solo movie, it was recently teased by Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill that Black Adam and Superman would be going toe-to-toe at some point, so that could definitely be a way to introduce Black Adam before he shows up in Shazam. Either way, it seems like the ball is finally rolling in the right direction.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott