If you were worried that the fun colorful world of Shazam! was going to take a dark Batman V Superman turn, don't be. According to Dwayne Johnson's personal producer Hiram Garcia, this upcoming DCEU adventure will be a lot more colorful and fun than what else is being planned by Warner Bros. And perhaps it gets to slide out of the damp, dank rheum of the DC Comics Movie Universe for the sole fact that it is arriving from Warner Bros.'s sister studio New Line. Even though that is the case, Shazam! does fit into the current cinematic universe set up at Warner Bros.

Over the rest of this decade, there will be a number of DC Extended Universe movies infiltrating theaters. But only one of them stars The Rock. Though, Dwayne Johnson is taking on the role of villain Black Adam instead of the main hero. While he is rumored to fight Superman at some point, that won't happen in this first origin movie. At this point, that's all we really know about the storyline being set up. That despite the fact that Dwayne Johnson has been attached to the movie since 2007, and he's been talking it up since shooting on the Get Smart movie reboot took place. Now, the man's personal producer is opening up a little bit more about what is being planned. Says Hiram Garcia to ComicBook.com.

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"We're a good way into development. We're expecting a next draft soon which I think is really gonna put us in the zone that we're hoping for."

Hiram Garcia is a self-proclaimed comic book fanatic. And while The Rock has a number of movies coming up, this may be Garcia's most anticipated. While he promises that Shazam! will stay grounded in reality, he also says it will have a lighter tone than what has come before it in the DCEU. He even says the creative team is pulling inspiration from the Marvel movies.

"We have a character in Shazam that is a boy who is in this man's body who is having the ultimate fulfillment that I think all comic book fans and everyone can associate with. Then on the other side, you have this force of nature [Black Adam] who is really anchored by what he lost in his family and he's bringing that with him throughout this journey. There's a real grounding there. It makes for a great dynamic that not only allows us to not only have real stakes, real story, and real emotion, but a ton of fun in the process. Marvel has, everyone knows, really locked into that place where they're able to tell you really grounded, rooted stories that have real repercussions and there's a real wake that's left after, but through the whole process they still acknowledge that, and you have a blast while you're watching. I promise you, we're not gonna f*ck this up!"

With this first hand knowledge comes no plot spoilers whatsoever, though. It does sound like Black Adam will start off as the villain, but may turn his ways around before film's end, which has long been hinted at. Garcia does name drop the DC Comics saga Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. This story had Shazam being controlled and manipulated by Lex Luthor. And that aspect would definitely tie it into the overall DCEU. Will Jesse Eisenberg reprise his role as the bald bad guy? Who knows, its still too early to tell. No other casting has ever been announced for Shazam!, which isn't in theaters until April 2019. There will be a lot more DC Comics goodness coming to theater screens before then. And what Shazam! has planned now could definitely change before then.