David F. Sandberg, the director of Warner Bros. recent superhero venture Shazam!, took to Twitter to share interesting details about the movie and its behind-the-scenes action. For more than an hour, Sandberg kept updating his twitter feed with various facts regarding the making of the film as he watched the entire movie during a session of #QuarantineWatchParty, similar to what Zack Snyder did recently with Batman V Superman.

Shazam tells the story of troubled teen Billy Batson, who finds himself one day bequeathed with the mystical powers of the wizard Shazam, which turn him into a Superman-like being. Now Billy must learn to use his powers to stop Dr. Sivana from unleashing the seven deadly sins on the world, while also struggling to find his place as a foster kid with a missing mother.

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Sandberg revealed that Shazam had a sneaky crossover with his earlier movie Lights Out, in that both featured the same character of a social worker played by Andi Osho. He also posted several photos and videos taken of the sets used on the film, including the lair in which Billy first met the wizard, and the office in which Dr. Sivana confronted his father and unleashed his demon allies on the occupants of the room. The filmmaker added brief commentaries on how hard certain shooting situations were in terms of technicality and budget, which had a major impact on the final draft of the film audiences got to see.

One of the points about the film that drew some raised eyebrows was how much of a horror angle there was to what was ostensibly a family-friendly superhero comedy. This makes sense if you look at Sandberg's earlier works, which were mostly in the horror genre, and according to the filmmaker, instead of being asked to rein in his horror sensibilities, Warner Bros. encouraged him to lean into them.

Sandberg also shared the photo of a prop newspaper from Billy's stepbrother Freddy's room. The paper is a copy of The Daily Planet, where Clark Kent works as a mild-mannered reporter. The headline of the front page news announces that the crime rate in Gotham is soaring, something that might have been a result of Batman being otherwise engaged dealing with Steppenwolf's invasion of Earth around that time.

The watch party ended, as all proper superhero movies end these days, with an after-credits clip of a deleted scene from the film, posted after Sandberg finished watching the movie. In the scene, Billy has only recently gained his powers and is testing to see what he can and cannot do with them.

Billy as his superhero alter ego is seen holding up a bowl with a goldfish floating inside. He lowers the bowl, and it is revealed that he had been trying without success to communicate with the fish. Freddy then regretfully crosses 'Telepathic communication with fish' off the list of possible powers that Shazam possesses. Hey, you have to leave something for Aquaman to feel special about. This comes direct from David F. Sandberg's Twitter.

Neeraj Chand