Shazam! is still a long ways off, though we've heard Dwayne Johnson tease that we may get it sooner than April 2019, its current release date. After hyping his future appearance in Disney's Jungle Cruise earlier this week, The Rock has climbed back onto social media to make sure everyone keeps his Shazam! character Black Adam fresh in their minds. This time, he used Twitter to call out Superman. But his use of internet slang has kept the true meaning behind his latest message a mystery.

The Rock has been excited to play Black Adam for a little less than a decade, first opening up about the opportunity way back in 2008, while doing press for his spy comedy Get Smart. It wasn't until August of 2014 that Warner Bros. finally announced Shazam! would be a part of their DC Comics line-up leading into 2020. The Rock is confirmed to be playing Black Adam, who is considered an anti-hero. It's not yet quite clear if he'll be a straight up villain, but Dwayne Johnson doesn't seem content with just going after the title character. It appears he wants to go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel as well.

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The Rock wears a Superman shirt in his latest tweet. His big threat is the hashtag #BlackAdamIGTKSDITD. In Internet speak, that means 'Black Adam is gonna keep Superman Down in the Dumps.' Though some believe The Rock is saying 'Black Adam is gonna kick Superman directly in the dick.' What ever the meaning, does that mean they're going to fight? Will Black Adam literally throw Kal-El in the trash? Is he aiming for the groin? The two characters have battled each other in the past, coming to blows in the DC Comic books. But will Superman really show up in Shazam! To overshadow the title character? Something Black Adam already seems intent on doing? Possibly, but not for anything more than a passing-of-the-torch cameo, we'd imagine.

Some might think Superman would destroy Black Adam in a fight, but the Kryptonian is actually weak to his magic. It would be a fair tussle, and some might even say Clark Kent is at a disadvantage. The idea of Black Adam fighting someone other than Shazam isn't anything new. The Rock has teased the idea before, and claims that his character is definitely part of the new DCEU (DC Expanded Universe). Is it possible that Dwayne Johnson is hinting at a DC movie appearance before Shazam! hits theaters in four years? Maybe.

In fact, we could see Black Adam as early as 2017, with an appearance in Justice League Part 1. Not only has The Rock hinted that he might fight Superman, he's also mentioned trading blows with Batman. There has never been any official confirmation from DC about Dwayne Johnson extending his appearances outside of Shazam!, which is currently under the New Line banner while the rest of the movies are being released by Warner Bros.

It seems that Dwayne Johnson is positioning his Black Adam as someone in league with Thanos or Loki. Perhaps it will take a number of DC Comics superheroes to drag him out of the sky? Having Superman show up in Shazam! doesn't sound too far fetched. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has Aquaman and Wonder Woman cameos, and Batman shows up in Suicide Squad. It's all about connecting this big sprawling DC universe. Who knows how long it will be before we see Dwayne Johnson suit up as Black Adam for the first time, either in Shazam! or one of the other DC Comics movies that is coming before it. Whenever it happens, we're sure Dwayne Johnson himself will let us know on one of his many social media accounts. Until then, take a look as The Rock throws shade at Superman while simultaneously honoring him with a T-shirt.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange