Marvel's She-Hulk series is reportedly gearing up to shoot this summer ahead of its upcoming release on Disney+, and new details about the show's story and characters have reportedly been revealed. According to The Illuminerdi, the series is on track to shoot its first season between August 2020 through March 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. Also reported by the outlet is that the freshman season will consist of just six episodes, which is in line with other Marvel projects in active development for Disney+.

With a production start date on the board for this summer, the casting process seems to now be underway as producers look for the right players to bring the She-Hulk series to life. As of now, no names have officially been cast, but as previously reported, word is the studio is looking to cast an "Alison Brie-type" actress in the lead role of Jennifer Walters with Brie herself at the top of the want list. The reported logline of the series describes Jennifer as "successful in her profession and specifically seeking cases in superheroic law," suggesting the superheroine will be keeping her day job as an attorney after her transformation into She-Hulk.

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It also sounds like the Disney+ series will have a heavier focus on Jennifer's legal drama in court as opposed to nonstop action sequences as She-Hulk. The character description also says Jennifer "occasionally" fights crime as She-Hulk, suggesting most of her battles will be taking place in a court of law. This creative approach of combining Better Call Saul with The Avengers sounds very much unlike other movies and shows set in the MCU, but that's also exactly what makes it stand out as one of the more interesting upcoming projects. An added bonus is that it opens the door for any MCU character to cameo on She-Hulk as a prospective client for Jennifer Walters.

Information about two supporting characters for She-Hulk have also been revealed. For Jennifer's unnamed "Best Friend," producers are seeking an actress aged 26 to 28. No other details are given, but it's speculated that this character will be Jill Stevens, a longtime friend of Jennifer's in the comics who winds up tragically killed by an assailant mistaking her for Jennifer. A second character, "Meg," calls for an actress aged 29 to 35. A fellow attorney, Meg is described as "shrewd, while having a biting wit and humor." It's possible that this character is an adaptation of Mallory Book from the comics, but as with Jill Stevens, this is only speculation at this time.

It's also looking like Mark Ruffalo will be reprising his MCU role as Bruce Banner for the series, as the actor is reportedly in talks to appear on She-Hulk. That would make sense, given that She-Hulk's origin story in the comics involves getting an emergency blood transfusion from Bruce. We'll see if that's how the superheroine comes to be in the Disney+ series as well, but in any case, it seems more than likely Ruffalo will show up at some point or another. This news comes to us from The Illuminerdi.

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