According to a new report from The Direct, the upcoming Marvel Disney+ series She-Hulk is not only going to break the franchise mould again by presenting the show as a "half-hour legal comedy" but is also going to introduce a new member of the Hulk family into the MCU - Skaar, otherwise known as the son of the Hulk. Sources have claimed that the show will become a family affair, although exactly how Skaar would turn up in the series and how his character might be an adaptation of that seen in the comic is something we are likely going to have to wait a long time to find out. So, who exactly is Skaar?

In his comic book appearance, Skaar is the son of Bruce Banner who was conceived during the events of the Planet Hulk story arc. While some of the Planet Hulk story was used in Thor Ragnarok, there was never mention of Caiera, Skaar's mother. While this is something Marvel can easily work around, we are still not quite sure how they will explain his sudden appearance without any mention of his being in any MCU outings to date. Marvel are adept at twisting certain events to their need, and with Sakaar already having featured in Ragnarok, along with the lack of detail about what Hulk got up to between that movie and his previous appearance in Age of Ultron, I'm sure they will work something out.

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In the comic books, Skaar inherits many of his father's traits. He can also walk and talk minutes after being born, and also become one with his home planet of Sakaar, which allows him to manipulate the very ground he walks on. With this kind of power, it almost makes Professor Hulk, which is the state Bruce Banner will be in during the She-Hulk series, look like a second rate Schwarzenegger in comparison.

As we already know Professor Hulk will be heavily featured in the series, along with Tim Roth's Abomination, and now apparently Skaar, it suggests that Disney and Marvel are really continuing to push the blurring of lines between cinema and TV, as the success of She-Hulk is going to rely, in part, to the CGI effects being at the same level as in Marvel's cinematic output. With shows like Secret Invasion coming down the line, it is safe to say that from here on out, every other studio putting out exclusive TV content are going to have to go some way to keep up - Amazon with your Lord of The Rings series take note.

While there is obviously no concrete evidence that Skaar will be reuniting with his dad, we should also remember that the Young Avengers is still a very likely prospect sometime in the future of the MCU, and with Skaar potentially being another of the new, younger heroes slowly being introduced, then that plan could well start to become more of a reality if he does turn up in the series. With filming currently underway, it won't be long before we discover more secrets about the upcoming She-Hulk, which arrives on Disney + next year. This {