Marvel's She-Hulk has officially begun filming. This is the latest live-action series set within the confines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will be making its way to Disney+. While Disney and Marvel Studios already had quite a few shows planned, the success of both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has put an additional level of focus on them. In this case, we'll be meeting Hulk's cousin, Jennifer Walters, played by Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black).

While Marvel Studios/Disney have yet to confirm that production is underway, a recent listing on Georgia's official website for movie and TV productions has listed She-Hulk as one of the projects currently filming in the state. Georgia has long been a huge hub for MCU movies and it stands to reason that the shows, which carry comparable budgets to the movies, would also make use of the home that Kevin Feige and Co. have set up there. Kat Coiro (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) and Anu Valia (A.P. Bio) are directing the series, with Jessica Gao (Rick and Morty) serving as the head writer.

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Aside from Tatiana Maslany in the lead role, Mark Ruffalo will be reprising his role as Bruce Banner/Hulk in the series as well. Additionally, Tim Roth will make his return as Emil Blonsky/Abomination. We haven't seen Roth since his one and only appearance in The Incredible Hulk when the MCU was in its infancy. At that time, it was Edward Norton who was playing Hulk. Ruffalo would ultimately take over in The Avengers. The cast also includes Renee Elise Goldsberry (Hamilton) and Ginger Gonzaga (Your Day). Maslany, aside from Orphan Black, is known for her roles in shows such as Parks and Recreation, as well as HBO's recent Perry Mason reboot.

Plot details for the show are largely being kept under wraps for the time being. It has, however, been described as a legal comedy. Jessica Walters is a lawyer, much like Matt Murdock, the alter-ego of Daredevil. Because Walters has better control over her powers than Hulk, she is able to continue practicing law after gaining her powers. Walters gains her powers in the pages of Marvel Comics After receiving a life-saving blood transfusion from her green-skinned, superpowered cousin. She-Hulk was created by Stan Lee and John Buscema, making her debut in Savage She-Hulk #1, which first hit stands in 1980.

Much like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier before it, this series will be heavily tied to the movies of the MCU. Other shows currently in development include Hawkeye, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Ironheart, Secret Invasion and Armor Wars. It is also quite likely we'll see Jessica Walters on the big screen at some point. Marvel head Kevin Feige previously confirmed these characters will transition into the movies. Case in point, Ms. Marvel lead Iman Vellani will appear in Captain Marvel 2 alongside Brie Larson's Carol Danvers. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. This news comes to us via