Award-winning Up in the Air co-screenwriter Sheldon Turner will make his directorial debut with the thriller By Virtue Fall.

According to Variety, Turner wrote the project, which revolves around a man who is framed by his mentor and winds up in prison. Once released, he's fixated on getting revenge on his former partner, who has flourished in his new life and tried to cleanse himself of the past.

Filmmakers are looking to lens By Virtue Fall for less than $20 million.

Turner had considered helming his own project for some time, but found it difficult to decide which pic to choose as his first directorial bow. In the end, he said he chose "By Virtue Fall" because "I cannot imagine anyone else directing this script."

He also wanted his directorial debut "to stand on the strength of the characters and the power of the performances. This is a film that's designed to showcase and challenge two great actors."

Production will start in September.