MTV recently spoke with actress Rachel McAdams, who was promoting her upcoming comdy Morning Glory, and she said that she doesn't know quite yet if she will return for Sherlock Holmes 2.

We reported in September that Noomi Rapace is playing the female lead in Sherlock Holmes 2, and it seems that if Rachel McAdams does return, it will be in a much smaller capacity:

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"It's kind of all still in the process. They're still doing script work, and we'll see. If I do, it won't be a very big thing. It's not a lead part."

Sherlock Holmes 2 has been filming for the past month in England. We showed you some photos from the set in October. Rachel McAdams portrayed the female lead, Irene Adler, in last year's previous Sherlock Holmes installment.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further details on Sherlock Holmes 2 as soon as more information comes in.