No matter what you look like everyone can relate to the feeling that you're just not good enough for anyone else. Insecurity goes along with dating like chocolate and peanut butter, which is the very thing that makes "She's Out Of My League" a fun and relatable film. No matter who you are, the idea of falling in love with someone that you feel is too good for you is something I think anyone can understand. How many times have you wanted to talk to someone attractive but got scared because you felt that you were "out of that person's league?" Well that's exactly what this film is all about. Jay Baruchel ("Tropic Thunder") does a great job of playing just the right blend of awkward, geeky and charming to make his character both believable and relatable. Newcomer Alice Eve is as funny and charming as she is beautiful in this movie. Both actors have a great chemistry together and make it conceivable, no matter how preposterous that a woman that looks like Eve could fall in love with a man who looks like Baruchel. While we have seen this basic premise done before in films like "You Can't Buy Me Love" or "10," "She's Out Of My League" finds away of being fun, entertaining and surprisingly heart-warming even if it's not completely original.

The film begins by introducing us to Kirk (Baruchel) a security officer at a Pittsburg airport. Kirk is a bit hapless and going through a rough time in his life. He was recently dumped by his girlfriend Marnie (Lindsay Sloan) who he desperately wants back, however because she grew so close to his family, is now living in his parents house with him, his family and her new boyfriend. Can you say awkward? She also works at the airport as well so Kirk wouldn't be able to get his mind off her even if he wanted to. All of Kirk's friends work at the airport as well in a variety of menial jobs and encourage Kirk to get over Marnie. All the supporting actors who play Kirk's friends are excellent and add a great deal of humor and heart to the film. T.J. Miller from "Cloverfield" plays Stainer, Kirk's loud and obnoxious friend and is cast well in the part. Nate Torrence gives a very funny performance as Devon, a sweet Teddy Bear of a man who believes in true love and is Kirk's only married friend. Rounding out the foursome is Jack played by Mike Vogel also from "Cloverfield" who is Kirk's "good looking" friend and the voice of reason. Vogel gives a solid performance making me want to see more of his character that unfortunately was shortchanged by the script. Kirk's home life is bad too, not only does he live in his parents house with his ex and her boyfriend (which frankly is bad enough) but his abusive older brother and his white-trash wife also live there and add to Kirk's torture. Kirk's parents do love him but at the same time belittle, condescend and ignore him constantly, especially his father who also encourages Kirk's brother's bad behavior.

With no girlfriend, no motivation, a horrible life at home and seemingly no future to look forward to Kirk is absolutely 100% miserable ... until the day he meets Molly, played by the gorgeous and talented Alice Eve who is perfect for the part. Molly is the classic "10" and could even give Bo Derek a run for her money. Molly is a very successful event planner and is traveling for work one day when she meets Kirk going through security at the airport. Of course, Stainer can't control himself around her and is practically sexually harassing her when nice-guy Kirk comes to her aid. They exchange pleasantries and Molly leaves to catch her plane forgetting her phone. Eventually she calls it and realizes that Kirk has it. She asks him to bring it to an event that she is planning, which he does along with Devon for company. Molly is extremely grateful to Kirk and seems to be showing some interest in him, oddly enough. At first Kirk can't believe it but Devon encourages him to pursue her. Kirk decides not to but as they are leaving he is surprised when Molly asks him if he would like to go to a NHL Hockey game with her and bring a friend. He says yes and attends the game with Stainer but is shocked when Molly shows up not with another guy but with her friend Patty, played by the very unique Krysten Ritter. Convinced that Patty was brought along as a blind date for Kirk, he is confused and delighted when Patty tells him that Molly is actually the one who likes him.

What follows is a sweet and tender romance between Kirk and Molly but things get complicated when their worlds begin to collide. Kirk is scared to introduce Molly to his family but things quickly change for him once he does, as they now look at him in a whole new light. His family can't believe that a woman like Molly would actually be interested in Kirk, making Marnie jealous and wanting to have Kirk back all for herself. Kirks self-esteem begins to grow as he and Molly fall in love and as time goes on. However things start to get awkward when Molly becomes embarrassed to introduce Kirk to her family. Things get worse when Kirk allows his insecurities to get the best of him after he meets Molly's good looking ex-boyfriend and eventually loosing his cool when he tries to consummate his relationship with Molly. Molly and Kirk breakup and Marnie takes Kirk back. Now pretty much back where he started, with no motivation to live except a fleeting desire to become a pilot inspired by his time with Molly, things look really bleak for Kirk. That is until Stainer and the rest of his friends, along with Patty, put into motion a plan to bring Molly and Kirk back together again for one last shot at love ... but will it work or be too late?

Baruchel who has been very funny in films like "Tropic Thunder" and "Knocked Up" is equally funny and charming in this film but more importantly is able to carry the pressure of being the lead in the movie quite well all on his own. He proves that he has what it takes to lead a big studio comedy with charm and ease. But it's Alice Eve who is really the breakout star of the film. She is more than believable in her role as the "hot-chick" but goes beyond that stereotypical part showing a real knack for comedy. She makes Molly the perfect woman, beautiful but smart, charming and funny. You believe that a woman like Molly could fall in love with Kirk because Eve believes that she could fall in love with him. You really end up believing that she loves this guy, which is why a lot of credit should go to Eve for pulling of the principle premise of the film. The direction and writing in the film is fine but it is really the performances and the movie's general warm and charming tone that makes this film work. In the end, "She's Out Of My League" is nothing that you haven't seen before but it will make you laugh, entertain you, warn your heart and make you truly believe that there is someone out there for everyone.

She's Out of My League is out March 11, 2010.

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