Did you see Disturbia? Chances are you probably did. It stayed in the box office top ten for two and a half months. It was such a hit that DreamWorks is reteaming Disturbia's star with its director. According to Variety, Shai LaBeouf and director D.J. Caruso are all set to make Eagle Eye.

The thriller revolves around an aimless teen whose star twin brother has died a mysterious death. When he returns home for the funeral, he finds out that he

has been framed as a terrorist. So has a neighborly unwed mother. Together, they are forced to join a terrorist cell that plans on assassinating a political figure. They must join forces to fight their way out and extricate themselves.

The idea came from Steven Spielberg. He hired Dan McDermont to write the script. Hillary Seitz is currently rewriting that script as we speak. It seems that a couple of years ago, Spielberg was actually going to direct it himself, but he became to busy with Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods.

There is no set start date for the production. It will most likely be Shai's next film after Indy 4.